This species is thought to be undergoing a continuing rapid decline and severe fragmentation in range and population owing to habitat loss and degradation. It is therefore classified as Vulnerable. DISTRIBUTION The White-faced Hill-partridge (see Remarks 1) is confined to the eastern part of East Java, Indonesia, probably from the Yang Highlands eastwards, and thus in a range which historically covered only c.7,000 km2 and which today covers less than 2,500 km2 (V. Nijman in litt. 1999). The type locality is Blambangan, before 1821 (Peters 1931–1987), but this is a general region which includes, for example, Gunung Raung. Records are from: ■ INDONESIA ■ East Java Hyang highlands, undated (McGowan et al. 1995), by local report in the 1990s (V. Nijman in litt. 1999); Gunung Maelang (part of Ijen Highlands), 1980s (van Balen 1992b, Mees 1996); Gunung Ijen at Sodong Jerok, undated (Robinson and Kloss 1924b); Ijen Highlands (van Balen 1992b, Mees 1996) at Lijen (undated specimen in MZB) within the Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen Ungup-ungup) Nature Reserve, for which records stem from April 1916 (two specimens in MZB; also Robinson and Kloss 1924b), undated (McGowan et al. 1995); Gunung Raung (part of Ijen Highlands), 1980s (van Balen 1992b, Mees 1996); Meru Betiri National Park, 1975 and subsequently (van Balen 1992b, V. Nijman in litt. 1999; see Remarks 2).

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